Photo Essay: “My People”

For this project, I decided to walk outside, look around and shoot whatever inspires me. The reason why I think that ALL of the pictures below belong under a post titled “My People”, is because they reflect something that is within me. It can be an emotion, a state of mind, a situation or even a belief. It is something that makes them human, or that represents what being human is. Also, I decided to refrain from taking pictures of people I know. I tried to look for things that I believe in and that represent “My People”, but I wanted to show them by taking pictures of people I don’t know. I did this to show that everybody has these emotions and bonds, that they are an internal part of us.



Digital Storytelling Glasses

Digital Storytelling Glasses

UMDST Minimalist Poster
This is my second creation for our group project: Minimalist Posters!

Conflict Pictures

These are my conflict shots.

Picture for Photo Essay (maybe?)

Picture for Photo Essay (maybe?)

I am considering adding this picture to my final photo essay. I just think the moment that is captured in it (this was in NYC last weekend) is very powerful. You see a street artist posing for an old man who kept taking pictures. Of course, this is done with humor.


These are three photographs of my own creation with wildly different compositions and styles but with similar rhetorical purposes. I tried to show natural and unnatural patterns that occur in different places around us.

Week In Review

This week can be described in 3 words. Pictures, photos, images. But I love this section! Taking pictures is a process, in my opinion. You learn from reviewing all the shots you did. You see exactly where you messed up, what you can do better next time. I really enjoy having a theme and looking to take a picture that kind of “fulfills the requirement” set by that theme. So the daily shoots are fun. I also feel that sometimes, you see something that just presents itself in a way that you, as a “photographer”, cannot ignore. This was the case for me in New York City this weekend, and I am very happy to have seen so many different people there and it provided a lot of material for my final photo essay!
The week consisted of:
Daily Shoot: Contrast
Daily Shoot: Portrait
Daily Shoot: Self-portrait
Daily Shoot: Extreme close-up
Daily Shoot: Shadow
Daily Shoot: Something ugly made beautiful
Daily Shoot: Random Theme (Trust/Squirrel)
Response to Diane Arbus
Exploring Brightness and Contrast
Brian’s Iconic Moment Minimalist Poster

Well, WHAT A WEEK. Very productive and kind of exhausting. I also feel like I am almost done with my final projects. The only thing I am struggling with a bit is the photo essay. Sometimes, interesting things happen but the shots I take trying to capture that are not good. Other times, the shots are fine but I feel like the content could be a bit more interesting. I find Henri Cartier-Bresson amazing, because he can make simple things work incredibly in pictures. (Still, my favorites are always including interesting things in them)

Daily Shoot: Self-portrait

Daily Shoot: Self-portrait

Daily Shoot: Self-portrait
Taken by my friend Santiago in NYC. I was waiting to hail a cab.