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Goals for Video Section


CC Robert of Fairfax

There are 3 main goals I would like to achieve. The first would be to improve my video editing skills. I have used programs like iMovie many times before, but I definitely do not feel very confident about my knowledge of all the tools and tricks that are available through these programs. If I could learn at least some of them, that would be great.
My second goal would be to create a big variety of videos. I used to upload videos of me skateboarding, so it was always the same type of thing. I’d like to try to do more, maybe vlogs, or comedy style videos or anything that is different. I would love to come up with something new.
My third and final goal is to find a way to capture the attention of as many people as possible on Youtube. I have spent hours watching videos on Youtube and I have even re-watched some about a hundred times. I’d like to know the “magic formula”, or whether there is one, and maybe use it myself.


Snow at umich!

It was a cold morning and even though I was angry I had class at 8:30 AM, somehow the snow made me smile! (which you can’t see because of my scarf)

A new invention! (dailycreate)

A new invention! (dailycreate)

Chocolate that never melts

A Week In Review 1/20-1/27

Another week has passed. Sadly, I could not do this summary on a sunday, because I was stuck on Union Station in Chicago, but that deserves its own blog post. This week consisted of two daily creates, the first one was something I must do every day, and of course, I had to upload a picture of me playing soccer. The second one was supposed to be a favorite breakfast BEVERAGE. Being the idiot that I am, I of course uploaded a picture of an orange. Funnily enough, this was the biggest test of my creativity yet, and I believe that I aced it, because I named the picture of the orange “OJ”. Only then was I able to say to myself that I had completed the assignment (and ok, maybe it wasn’t as great as uploading a picture of ACTUAL orange juice but hey, at least it stood out).
4th dailycreate
5th dailycreate
Response about
Response to Soumitra Dutta’s article in the Harvard Business Review

ALSO: I decided that I will not be including pictures with the weekly summaries, at least for now. Since they are summaries, there is no prevailing main topic. And since I hate adding pictures that have nothing to do with the post at all, I just refuse to add pictures to this type of post right now. For now.

Response to “What’s Your Personal Social Media Strategy”

CC Daniel Slee

CC Daniel Slee

In his article in the Harvard Business Review, Soumitra Dutta successfully argues that it is absolutely vital for businesses to be creating comprehensive strategies in the area of social media. He mentions the very funny, but absolutely sensible example of Tom Dickson, the man behind the blender and his sensational Youtube show “Will It Blend?”. After proving that it makes total sense to have a social presence for almost everybody, from the average Joe to a billionaire CEO, Dutta includes a table of Social Media Must-Dos. These include Googling yourself- and so I decided to do so… I was amazed. I found the site of a golf-camp I went to twice about five or six years ago. I also stumbled upon an old (and very, very embarrassing) Youtube video on an account I had made four years ago (the video is now gone so don’t try finding it), which brings me to Dutta’s last and I think very important point. He mentions the risks of an online presence. It is very important to be very careful while interacting with, well, whoever on the internet. Sometimes we tend to forget that we are on a publicly accessible medium, and that any comments we make can be seen, read, and hated by basically anyone. There are many other dangers that come hand in hand with establishing an online-presence and I think that it is crucial to always keep them in mind. That’s what I’ll try to do while working on this blog!

Michigan Radio is a site that provides news. It mostly focuses on news that influence or are interesting for people living in the state of Michigan, but it definitely includes some important world news. On the homepage, they feature news about politics and law. Of course, there are more categories. The site also advertises (don’t know if this is the right word, maybe “links” would be better) Michigan Radio, a radio news channel.
For me the best part about is the Most Active Stories sidebar, where (as the self explanatory name suggests) you can see the most popular articles.

Orange (dailycreate)

Orange (dailycreate)

favorite breakfast beverage