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Week In Review

This was my favorite week of digital storytelling ever. I fell in love with photoshop, which I had never used before and I even learned how to work Gimp- which is after all not as bad as I thought in the beginning. I don’t remember doing this many creative projects in a long time. I just really like the fact that you can do so many things with these assignments and after looking at some of the ones the others posted, I have to say that all are really fun and very good!
Now, this week consisted of using a japanese haiku poem as inspiration for a design (I created this picture of George Clooney laughing with a dandelion around his face). After that I worked on a response to Eric Sena’s “Albums Without Sound” and decided to use this idea to do my original design project right here.
I also made three different design creates (this was the part I enjoyed most). The first one is a movie poster where I changed the name of the movie to something that represents it in a more honest way – click here to see it. For the second one, I was supposed to alter a poster in a way to make it seem minimalist, and it was supposed to represent a place where I would love to be right now. Of course, my love of MAD MEN made me work on a poster of Don Draper in his Madison Ave office- click here to see it. For my third design create, I used a color splash effect on one of my class photos, but there is a twist ;D- click here.
Finally, I searched the web for a beautiful representation of minimalism. After stumbling upon the work of my favorite musician Cro, I had to share my thoughts. Click here to check it out.
I cannot wait for the next few weeks after experiencing this one. I really had a lot of fun and I don’t think I ever learned this much in any of the other weeks. I also loved the session we did with our class that introduced us to photoshop and I would be absolutely open to doing more, if there was the possibility! BOOM!




We were supposed to find an example of minimalism on the web. After a very, very long search, I realized that the answer was right in front of me. While I was searching, I was listening to music by my favorite artist- Cro. He is famous for wearing a panda mask and never showing his face. I realized that he used to be a designer, and that he likes to design his own album covers and what not. So I did a quick google search, coming across this little picture. It is for his clothes line (yes, he has his own brand, called VIO VIO). I love this picture because it is so incredibly simplistic, and yet it manages to convey the essence of what it is. All non-essential forms and shapes have been removed. An example of this would be the face of the girl. It would only distract and take away from the “this could be your girlfriend” effect :D. Other parts of her are also covered up, probably not only due to minimalist reasons but….oh well. I think that the contrast between the black and white background and the green triangle creates a very interesting, eye-appealing effect. Also, the girl is holding the triangle in the forefront, shifting the focus away from her body onto the kind of blunt and dull triangle (if it even is remotely possible to shift focus away from her). By being so simple (the black and white and no face) yet so filled with different shapes (round curves of her body contrasting the edgy triangle), the picture evokes a unique effect and draws the eye very well.
Also, for some reason this picture makes me think of summer in general, of the beach, cocktails and good music. It makes me miss home and I honestly can’t wait for summer break!!!

Splash the Color! (a class photo)

Splash the Color! (a class photo)

For this design create I used an old photo of my high school class dressed as transvestites :D! yes, in Germany, this is part of a fun week called “Mottowoche”, where you pick different mottos for each day of the week and dress up as whatever you collectively choose!
I used my iPhone color splash app to do this. You just pick a picture from your camera roll, you can pan and zoom as much as you want and even choose to see what parts of the picture you have selected in RED color, so that it really pops and you don’t miss anything! I ended up with this!

Minimalist travel poster? (Design Create)

ImageAt the top you can see my final product. I asked myself where I wanted to be the most right now, and the answer was Madison Avenue, inside Don Draper’s office, telling him to make me an “old fashioned” and screaming at him for not being good enough and telling him to either give me better work, or he’ll be fired.
This one was pretty complicated, at least for me, so let me explain how I did this. Here is what I started out with : ImageThe poster seemed simple enough for me to make it into a minimalist creation, and interesting enough that I could use it. First thing I did was get rid of Don’s annoying little head. I used the magic selection tool, struggled for 10 minutes, but finally succeeded and deleted it. After that I used the clone stamp tool (which is by the way my favorite tool right now) and tried recreating the pattern you can see in the window, and replacing the deleted white space that used to be his head. I took another look at the poster and decided that all the text underneath the MAD MEN title is ugly and unnecessary, so I used the clone stamp tool and ran over it a bunch of times, trying to keep the top lighter than the bottom to still have a sense of a shadow in there. After that I wanted to get rid of the phone, so I used the clone stamp tool again and did it, but I felt like I could do something interesting with the cable, so I recreated half of it and connected it to Don. Oh, let’s not call him Don any longer, since he’s headless.
It can be you, it can be me, it can be anybody (minimalist!)
After all this I used the sharpen effect at least twice, which made the whole thing a little more crisp and less washed out. Finally, I added a slight wind effect, to make it seem like the moment is only here for a second, once you blink, it’ll be gone. Interpret this anyway you want ;D. That’s it!

Honest Movie Title: AVATARDED

Honest Movie Title: AVATARDED

This is my next design create. If movie posters told the truth!! Take a movie poster and make it say what the movie is really about, or what it is really like.
I went with this little piece, called Avatar (or AVATARDED), which was super expensive. Sadly, with James Cameron, the costs-quality relationship is inversely proportionate, meaning that the more expensive the movie, the shittier.
I used the clone stamp tool to get rid of the original name of the movie, because it really isn’t honest at all. I then added a text box and played around with fonts, sizes and properties. Increased the inner and outer brightness of the text and added a layer of weird textures over it!
Here is the final product!!

My Album Without Sound

My Album Without Sound

I decided to have a go at the albums without sound idea! I randomly generated a quote : “face the truth”
random wiki article: Glow
random flickr picture: by zoologist1998

To create this poster, I used the glowing edges effect in photoshop and played around with fonts and their properties!

Albums without Sound

 Out of the whole series of fictitious album covers (without sound), this was my favorite. Eric Sena, the creator of this idea and of this album cover thought of a fun and creative thing to do. He is creating a new album cover each day using random entries from Wikipedia, QuotationsPage, and Flickr. So he basically takes a randomly generated quote, which he uses as the title for the album (part of the quote). He also generates the name of the band randomly by a search engine on Wikipedia. From Flickr he generates a random photo which will be the album cover itself.
I chose the album above, because I just could not believe how randomization (and a creative mind) can create something so well fitting. Here, the band name is Mass Flow Rate, which is a term that comes from physics. Mass flow rate is the mass of a substance which passes through a given surface per unit of time. This just fits the picture so well, because we see a sea of water. The album title is It Goes On Forever, which also fits the idea of the vast sea in the album cover.
I love how Sena used white font for the band name, and placed it in the sunlight, while the album name is written using a darker font and placed in the sky.
Of course, the mass flow rate is time-dependant, and so is our day. That’s why I love that we are seeing a sunrise, which represents time moving. I love this!