Exploring Contrast and Brightness

Today I decided to explore contrast and brightness. I used a picture I already like- it’s me on St. Peter’s Square in Rome. I like the positioning of the shot and almost everything about it, except the fact that the bottom half of the picture seems very dark compared to the top half, divided by the really bright almost white buildings. So I used Gimp to open up the brightness and contrast controls. After trying out a few extremes, maxing them out both ways, I decided to go with a lot of extra brightness and a bit of extra contrast. By adding a lot of brightness, the whole picture becomes nice and bright, but the previously lighter parts get too bright and washed out. That’s where I increased the contrast a bit, which does make the too bright parts a little darker and I found that it sharpened the whole image somehow. Check it out! I find that I successfully managed to increase the overall brightness, especially of the bottom part which I perviously found to be too dark. Adding a little extra contrast kept the balance of the picture and doesn’t let it look too washed out. The differences are slight, but I believe that they still are significant, because after the changes, the eye of the viewer is guided towards the center much more!

higher brightness and just slightly higher contrast to balance it out

higher brightness and just slightly higher contrast to balance it out




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