Week In Review

This week can be described in 3 words. Pictures, photos, images. But I love this section! Taking pictures is a process, in my opinion. You learn from reviewing all the shots you did. You see exactly where you messed up, what you can do better next time. I really enjoy having a theme and looking to take a picture that kind of “fulfills the requirement” set by that theme. So the daily shoots are fun. I also feel that sometimes, you see something that just presents itself in a way that you, as a “photographer”, cannot ignore. This was the case for me in New York City this weekend, and I am very happy to have seen so many different people there and it provided a lot of material for my final photo essay!
The week consisted of:
Daily Shoot: Contrast
Daily Shoot: Portrait
Daily Shoot: Self-portrait
Daily Shoot: Extreme close-up
Daily Shoot: Shadow
Daily Shoot: Something ugly made beautiful
Daily Shoot: Random Theme (Trust/Squirrel)
Response to Diane Arbus
Exploring Brightness and Contrast
Brian’s Iconic Moment Minimalist Poster

Well, WHAT A WEEK. Very productive and kind of exhausting. I also feel like I am almost done with my final projects. The only thing I am struggling with a bit is the photo essay. Sometimes, interesting things happen but the shots I take trying to capture that are not good. Other times, the shots are fine but I feel like the content could be a bit more interesting. I find Henri Cartier-Bresson amazing, because he can make simple things work incredibly in pictures. (Still, my favorites are always including interesting things in them)


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