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Umich Silent Film…kind of..

Video Project 3…I am finished. And this one was the most fun for sure. The original idea was that I would make a video in a way so that you could follow a normal umich student (if there is such a thing) on their normal day. In the end I used footage from several days and spliced it together. It’s basically a walkthrough of some of the places I walk around often and you get to see some of the people I’m with often….This video is also interesting for me, because it combines what I learned in the first two projects….The toughest part of this video was just the technical process, as always. There was a HUUUGE amount of footage, that I had to go through and pick and choose. Also the cutting itself was a pain, trying to get the music to fit at least a bit with what is going on on screen was a big challenge. I went through a number of songs before I found what I was looking for. All in all I loved this process and I loved the video section and I feel like I learned the maximum that was possible in this amount of time with midterms and everything going on.
I am looking forward to the audio section!
Here is a screenshot of the editing process:
I even had to video chat with a friend because I was getting so frustrated 😀 and he helped me with choosing a song!
Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 6.43.27 PM


Video Project 2 (Soccer Shoe Review)

Video in video, music, slow motion, fast motion, transitions. Sounds simple. It is not! Trust me. I spent many, many and many more hours on this than expected (I know that Rob Hess told us today that everybody was saying that, but this took way too long). I am very happy with the final product though. I definitely had some troubles on the way, some of them I could not get rid of completely but I masked them a bit. First was background noise. That is a huge issue in and of itself but when you have multiple videos playing together at once on one screen and a song playing in the background, you really need to work that background-noise-correct-button. I learned so many things, I could honestly not believe it. Layering videos, choosing whether you want split screen or whatever else iMovie allows. Messing with transitions and slow motion. Trying to get everything to sync up. In the end I think I managed to make a pretty good unboxing/review style video. The bonus in this case was the footage of me playing soccer with the shoes I was reviewing. (That footage was filmed at 6 in the morning in the GYM btw, it was when I had way too much energy after a midterm last week and could not sleep, so I said hey! lets make some footage for the future video projects!). I also put in the instrumental version of one of my favorite songs, Easy (by Cro).

I have to say that I really love telling the story through video, and I think that an infinite number of amazing ideas can be transferred into that format, the problem being that the technical process itself is incredibly annoying. Otherwise, I love making my ideas intro reality! (And underlining them with my favorite music!).
Here is a screenshot of the process:Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 7.20.10 PM

Video Project 1

This was my trip to Chicago during the first semester here at UofM. I decided to grab my friend Santiago and go out for an adventure in the “Windy City”. As I was wondering what I should do as my first project to familiarize myself with iMovie and some of its functions, I decided to do..well… some kind of trip blog! I had some footage ready so all I had to do was stuff it into iMovie and start… To my surprise, reformatting and trimming was the least of my trou

adding audio

bles. Getting the audio to sync up well and fade out properly was something I hadn’t even considered. Here is a screenshot of the process!

You get to see my favorite sight in Chicago- the Cloud Gate.
Overall it was fun to create this project and I found out that iMovie is incredibly user-friendly. One click of a button can open up a whole new world of opportunities and functions. After doing this, I think that I have kicked off a tradition. I will be doing trip vlogs for wherever I go from now on and upload them on youtube. I think it might be fun.
oh, and sorry for the shaky shots. I actually tried playing with the stabilizer but I don’t think it fixed much and it actually made some of the footage look “wavy” so I decided to get rid of it!
This was fun!