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Week In Review

This week can be described in 3 words. Pictures, photos, images. But I love this section! Taking pictures is a process, in my opinion. You learn from reviewing all the shots you did. You see exactly where you messed up, what you can do better next time. I really enjoy having a theme and looking to take a picture that kind of “fulfills the requirement” set by that theme. So the daily shoots are fun. I also feel that sometimes, you see something that just presents itself in a way that you, as a “photographer”, cannot ignore. This was the case for me in New York City this weekend, and I am very happy to have seen so many different people there and it provided a lot of material for my final photo essay!
The week consisted of:
Daily Shoot: Contrast
Daily Shoot: Portrait
Daily Shoot: Self-portrait
Daily Shoot: Extreme close-up
Daily Shoot: Shadow
Daily Shoot: Something ugly made beautiful
Daily Shoot: Random Theme (Trust/Squirrel)
Response to Diane Arbus
Exploring Brightness and Contrast
Brian’s Iconic Moment Minimalist Poster

Well, WHAT A WEEK. Very productive and kind of exhausting. I also feel like I am almost done with my final projects. The only thing I am struggling with a bit is the photo essay. Sometimes, interesting things happen but the shots I take trying to capture that are not good. Other times, the shots are fine but I feel like the content could be a bit more interesting. I find Henri Cartier-Bresson amazing, because he can make simple things work incredibly in pictures. (Still, my favorites are always including interesting things in them)


Week In Review

This week was filled with photo editing-fun! I created one more minimalistic poster, this time it was a straw hat from One Piece- click here to view it. Next I did something new to me, a GIF – click here. I also read a short story called Jon, by George Saunders, here is my response to it. There was also a project of my choice, I decided to create a new character, by recoloring my favorite one- click here to view it. Finally, there were four daily shoots:
1st Daily Shoot: Repeating Pattern
2nd Daily Shoot: Rule of Thirds
3rd Daily Shoot: Lower Horizon
4th Daily Shoot: Black and White
All in all, I found this week to be not only design oriented, but it was also a nice cross over towards photography I guess, since we did all the daily shoots. The daily shoots were fun, I relearned some things, like the thirds rule, and I found a way to do it with an iPhone (by turning the grid option on). Good week!

Week In Review

This was my favorite week of digital storytelling ever. I fell in love with photoshop, which I had never used before and I even learned how to work Gimp- which is after all not as bad as I thought in the beginning. I don’t remember doing this many creative projects in a long time. I just really like the fact that you can do so many things with these assignments and after looking at some of the ones the others posted, I have to say that all are really fun and very good!
Now, this week consisted of using a japanese haiku poem as inspiration for a design (I created this picture of George Clooney laughing with a dandelion around his face). After that I worked on a response to Eric Sena’s “Albums Without Sound” and decided to use this idea to do my original design project right here.
I also made three different design creates (this was the part I enjoyed most). The first one is a movie poster where I changed the name of the movie to something that represents it in a more honest way – click here to see it. For the second one, I was supposed to alter a poster in a way to make it seem minimalist, and it was supposed to represent a place where I would love to be right now. Of course, my love of MAD MEN made me work on a poster of Don Draper in his Madison Ave office- click here to see it. For my third design create, I used a color splash effect on one of my class photos, but there is a twist ;D- click here.
Finally, I searched the web for a beautiful representation of minimalism. After stumbling upon the work of my favorite musician Cro, I had to share my thoughts. Click here to check it out.
I cannot wait for the next few weeks after experiencing this one. I really had a lot of fun and I don’t think I ever learned this much in any of the other weeks. I also loved the session we did with our class that introduced us to photoshop and I would be absolutely open to doing more, if there was the possibility! BOOM!

Week In Review

WOW. What a week. First of all, I finished my audio final projects. Both were on the dating theme we chose together in class. I made the first one about dating in a different language. It’s an audio essay describing my personal experience. The second one was a condom brand-slogan collection. I had a lot of fun with that one and enjoyed timing what I was saying with the song I chose.
This week I was in Miami for the ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL! That is why this post is 2 hours late….sorry about that. BUT! I got a lot of inspiration there which helped me complete the first two design create projects. The first one was a comic book effect image creation. The second one was a boring photo which was transformed into a lifestyle tip-vintage style image.
Finally, I also wrote a response to Ron Burnett’s “How Images Think”.
I am really looking forward to this part of the course, except that I really hate using Gimp. I think that I will be using Pixelmator, since that is the program that I am most familiar with and find easy to use.

A Week In Review 2/24-3/03

SPRING BREAK!!! Enjoying the sun and warm weather in Florida! This week was really fun! It consisted of two daily creates, a response to one of the radio shows we listened to (I chose the valentine day’s one, because I liked it a lot!), my first vox pop, and a post explaining my plans for the radio show piece! But now, I’m jumping in the pool (and tuning in the radio, of course).
Here are the links:
plans for radio show
11th dailycreate
12th dailycreate
Have a wonderful break 🙂

A Week In Review 2/17-2/24

It is incredible how fast time passes. My first phase of midterms is over. The video section is….over. I feel like soon I’ll be going home already, which is definitely nice but also somehow scary. This week was wrap up week. I finished my final video projects, which were super fun to do and I feel like I have learned a lot and I am proud that I survived a couple of days of editing.
This week consisted of my first two audio creates, my last two video projects and a response to Susan Douglas.
1st audio create
2nd audio create
2nd video project
3rd (and final) video project!!!
Response to “Listening In” by Susan Douglas

A Week In Review 2/10-2/17

What an interesting week. This one was definitely different. I don’t think I have ever made this many videos! Currently still working on my final two video projects and after that I can’t wait to jump into audio.
This week consisted of two video creates, one daily create and my first video project! I really enjoyed the video section, and I feel that I am already more confident with iMovie, but also Youtube. In the last few video creates I used the walk and talk style of video and I find it very practical because I get two things done at once, obviously 😛 I am almost done with my second video project, which I don’t want to spoil but I was inspired by Beardman’s book review! The difference being that I enjoy soccer shoes more than books, so guess what I’m gonna review!?
Here are the links to this week’s work;
10th dailycreate
video create 3
video create 4
1st Video Project